Don't Smoke at the S.O.


On March 6th, 2014 around 1200 hours Clerks of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office asked a citizen later identified as twenty-eight year old Brandon C. Fowler of North Platte, to please stop smoking by the front (east) doors of the building.   The smoke from the cigarette was drifting inside the foyer area of the building and there is also no smoking on Lincoln County property. 


Mr. Fowler stopped, but soon lit up again.  A Deputy coming from court again saw the Mr. Fowler smoking and told him to stop it.   Mr. Fowler became rather verbal with the Deputy but eventually walked off the property.   A short time later he came back…, smoking.   


Another Deputy met with Mr. Fowler and told him to stop smoking; also he needed to leave the property immediately.   Mr. Fowler chose not to leave the property immediately, rather point out the ash trays in front of the building and call the Deputy a “Punk”.   Mr. Fowler was arrested and incarcerated for Second Degree Trespass and Loitering About a Penal Institution.


Later in the day a female individual came into the Sheriff’s Office to pick up a friend who was being released from the Detention Center.   A Deputy walking by the female noticed she smelled of burnt Marijuana and began to question her about it.    The female did admit to smoking earlier in the day.  


The Deputy went to the female’s car and found a 26 year old North Platte native Roy Anderson waiting in the car.   The Deputy smelled more burnt Marijuana and searched the car.  A small amount was found.   Mr. Anderson was also found to have misdemeanor warrants for his arrest.   He was arrested and placed in the Lincoln County Detention Center.